REHAB a musical journey.

A story about losing yourself, losing hope, and finding it again. Lennie, a drug addict and small time con reluctantly enters REHAB. Stu and Brie enter REHAB seeking new life and hope. A cast of characters with multiple addictions and BIG PERSONALITIES are all searching to fill a void. Love and loss collide. Their lives are going to change…or maybe not. Chemistry sparks between Lennie and Brie, a dark and troubled young woman.  Stu, Lennie’s roommate, is dealing with his own addiction to alcohol as he tries to keep his marriage to Diana intact.  Lennie’s mother attempts to bring a sense of order and understanding to her life and her family. Tianna, Rich, Dave and Craig round out the cast as everyone is searching for something to fill the void their addictions have left behind.

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Author’s Note:

REHAB a musical journey was a seed of an idea which began germinating in 2006.  My musical background merged with my profession as a therapist and addictions counselor and the idea was born.  The journey from idea to page to multiple, ongoing revisions has been miraculous.  This musical is life changing.  It is more than entertainment.  It will touch so many lives whether they relate to Lennie, his mother or anyone of the characters created for the stage.


Listen to a sample of “Here I Am”


Listen to a sample of “What’s Wrong With Me?”


REHAB a musical journey opened onstage in September of 2012. It was exciting to see this work come to life and to be on this journey now and in the future.